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How to Do a Leonardo Soccer Trick

Learn how to do the soccer trick known as the Leonardo from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


  • Step 1: Understand what the Leonardo is Understand what the Leonardo is: a soccer move named after Brazilian player Leonardo Araújo that's used as a 1-2 maneuver that unweights the defender allowing you to explode past them.
  • Step 2: How to do the Leonardo Use the inside of one foot to push the ball to your other foot and then push past the defender.


The Leonardo is named after the Brazilian player, Leonardo. The Leonardo is a one-two between your feet that allows you to unweight the defender and explode into the space behind them. You use the inside of one foot and then push the ball past the defender with the other foot. The Leonardo is a great move to beat the defender down the wing.

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