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How to Improve Goalkeeping Distribution in Soccer

Learn how to improve goalkeeping distribution from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


After a goal keeper catches the ball, they initiate the attack. There are four ways that they can distribute the ball. This first one is through bowling. This is where they hit a team mate that is in their close proximity with the ball that is rolled to them on the ground. So the first exercise, the partners bowl the ball between their legs from twenty yards apart. The goal keeper want to make a bowl easy for their team mates to receive.

The overhand throw, you want your partners about thirty yards apart, further if you can throw it really far. You want to progress so that you are hitting your target who is on the run. The overhand throw is when you want a quick and accurate option to a team mate that is far away. The drop kick, you want to have a target on the other side of mid field. You could use a goal or you could use a partner. The drop kick is used when you are faced with a brisk wind and the field isn't too bumpy. And a punt is used to reduce the pressure in your own half, getting the ball down the field as far as you can. In punting, have a target that is in the other side of the mid field.

Goal keepers have to make good decisions once they catch the ball. Finding the right team mate is half the problem, getting it there is the other half. Train all aspects of distribution so that all ten team mates are an option.

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