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How to Do a French Braid Dutch-Style

Learn how to do a French braid, Dutch-style aka an inside out braid from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So we just completed the French braid on the side of the head and now we're going to work with the Dutch braid, or the inside-out braid, or the reverse braid. They're all exactly the same thing they just, unfortunately, have different terms.

So we talked about the difference being that the French braid, everything is on the inside and this braid, everything will be on the outside and you'll be able to clearly see that.

So I'm going to start with the same section. They all start exactly the same. So I'm going to start with the section here in the front and I'm going to break it into three pieces.

Now, instead of taking and incorporating my side pieces over the top of my center piece, I'm going to go underneath my centerpiece. Take that bottom strand and I put it underneath my middle strand. And I take the top strand and I put it underneath the center strand. And now, I'm going to start incorporating the hair in. So I'm going to take from the top and incorporate that hair in, make sure my sections are nice and clean and go underneath that center section. And you can see as the braid starts forming, how much you can really see of the braid. I've incorporated hair into the top and I'm going to go underneath my middle strand, get some hair in the bottom and go underneath that center strand. And then I have actually run out of hair from the top, so I'm just going to continue braiding, but I'm going to continue braiding underneath that center strand.

Now, a good thing to remember is you would want to do this type of braid if the look you're going for was very, a big braid because this is the kind of braid that you can loosen. The other braid, you can only loosen the bottom portion. You can't loosen throughout. So if you want kind of a bigger looking braid, if you want your hair to look fuller, this is the kind of braid that you would be doing. And I'm actually going to make this braid a little fuller, a little bigger, so that you can really see the difference in the size. So I'm going to start at the very bottom and kind of fluff up the braid. I always start on one side first and go up the entire braid. So now you can see we're expanding the braid. It's looking fuller. And that's the main reason that you would choose this style of braid over the French braid. Just fluffing it up a little bit, making it nice and loose, making it loose throughout here too.

As we talked about, you can see how the braid kind of lives on the outside of the hair. You can see it all the way through. It's not hidden. So this is the reverse braid, or the Dutch braid, or the inside-out braid.

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