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How to Finish a Braid Headband

Learn how to do a braid headband from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial, part two of a two-part series.


It's really important when you're doing the braided headband look to get really close to the part so that there's almost a continuation of the headband from one side to the other. So, we're going to take a small triangle section in the front. If you have bangs, this would be where you would incorporate your bangs in. You push them over to the side, and even though the hair is shorter, and a little tricker to work with, it would incorporate really nicely into this look.

So, I'm going to take a little triangle section right at the front, and this is where we are going to do our three sections. Remember it's a headband, so we want to keep the look low, and we also want to travel around the head as we go. Now, on this side we are still going to be pulling from our center down for this section, and then stay close to the hairline around for pulling your sections from the bottom up.

Starting with our small triangle section in the front, make that into three sections. We're just going to do a traditional braid for a couple of sections until we start incorporating the hair. Okay, so I'm going to take from that center portion from the top, a pretty large section, and I'm just going to incorporate in our top section, crossing it then underneath our middle section.

Take a pretty large section from the bottom hairline, and incorporate it into our bottom section, and twist it underneath the hair of that center section, and then take from that top section. Now that we've gotten to the top of her hair, we need to remember to travel behind it and right around the nape of the neck. So, this is when you want to think in moving that direction with your hands, underneath the middle section.

Now, I've run out of hair on the top, but I still need to go a little bit closer to my braid. So, I'm continuing pulling from the underside of the hairline from the nape of the neck, and I'm just going to continue braiding the top without pulling it in. Then I'm going to continue to braid, but I want this braid to go toward the other side, because I want to meet up.

So, even though it's just a regular braid, I wouldn't pull it forward and continue braiding. I would continue to braid in the direction that you want the hair to go. So, the first thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to cross the braids. I'm just going to cross one over the top of the other, and then I'm going to take some pins, just bobby pins, and then around to the top.

So, I just continued it from the back, all the way to the top, and I have this section out and you can also see the band, but don't worry because the other braid is going to cover that. Okay, cross over the top, tuck in the loose pieces that you have. One thing that I also like to do to kind of cinch up the hairstyle is I want to keep everything like easy breezy. So, I will take just the tips of my fingers to actually go around the hairline.

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