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How to Start a French Braid Headband

Learn how to do a French braid headband from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast video, part one of a two-part series.


We're going to be doing a French-braided headband today. I think it's a great look. It's really easy to make it an everyday wearable look or translate it for a more funky party look. There are a hundred different ways that you can do it. We're going to start here on the small side of her part and we're going to create a headband. We're going to French braid all the way around and then on the other side, we're going to French braid around all the way around on the other side of the head. Because it is such a big braid I'm actually going to start with bigger sections this time. I'm going to take from the top of her ear up to her part line and this will create our first section of hair.

One thing to keep in mind as your braiding is you do want to keep close to the head, especially as we start to round around the bottom of the head. Be sure to move your hands to wherever you're going to be. We're going to be incorporating hair from almost a center point, the very tip top of your head, so each section no matter where the braid is going, is going to come from this same section. So, the top of the ear to the part, we're going to section it in three sections. This going to be an inside-out braid, or a Dutch braid, which just means you're going to be able to see the braid on the outside of your hair. I'm going to take and I'm going to cross underneath the bottom hair, underneath the middle, bottom, underneath the middle and incorporate into this bottom section. Pretty big section of hair. Then the same with the top section. Remember you're going from the very tip of the head, so we're just going to bring that in. Pretty big section also. A nice big braid.

Put it underneath that middle section. So, bottom part we're going to incorporate it into the bottom section going underneath the middle part. Then we're starting to round the back of the head, so you notice that you're going to have to move your arms backwards. Also as we get towards the back of the ear, we're going to start moving down the head also. I'm going to incorporate hair from the nape of her neck into my bottom section here. I'm just going to cross it underneath. So, now we're almost at the center back of the head. So, we've started to round the back of the head and we remember we're still pulling from this one point.

This will be our last section probably back here before we start the other side of the braid. I'm just going to incorporate that into that top section and fold it under. Then pulling our last bit of hair from the top section, on this side and then I'm just going to create a regular braid till the end. The reason I'm doing that is it's going to hold this section nice and tight as you work on your next section. The reason I do this in two sections is because when you're doing it on yourself at home, it's very difficult to transition to the back of the head and then continue working around the front. This give the same look and it's a little bit easier for you. Then I'm going to finish the end with just a clear rubber band. So, as you can see we have started the half of our headband. We started at the front and we ended right in the middle of the back of the head.

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