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How to Do Braid Hairstyles with Joy La Rosa

Learn about stylist Joy La Rosa, one of Howcast's hair experts, in this video.


My name is Joy LaRosa. I live in New York and I work in a salon in SoHo. I have wanted to do hair since I was about five years old. As a child growing up, Dolly Parton was one of my biggest inspirations. She was all about hair and make-up and nails and just really making a statement, and I feel like I've always wanted to help people make statements with their hair.

My kind of philosophy on hair is it's actually your biggest accessory. It's one of the things people notice about you most. So I like to keep styles really wearable and easy. I don't think anybody should be working too hard. I think that with a little bit of education and knowledge about how to style your hair you can create some really beautiful things that are quite simple to do.

I have a passion about teaching people about their hair and how to do it. Nobody leaves my chair after I've done a haircut without knowing how to go home and style it. I think that's really important. You know, I don't want to see you out walking about looking crazy, so I always want to let you know how you can recreate that look at home.

I like to create conversations about hair. I use my Facebook page, my professional Facebook page a lot in doing so, uploading clips and things that I find that are really easy, simple ways to do your hair at home. Cute styles, inspiration, I think sometimes we lose our inspiration or we get caught up in a rut, so finding these images and videos is a really great way to kind of even the playing feel and and inspire yourself.

So you can find me on Facebook at Joy LaRosa, Hairstylist. I also work downtown in SoHo at the San Bercado Salon. Come on in and see me!

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