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How to Grind on a Skateboard

Learn how to grind from professional skateboarders Bam Margera and Kerry Getz in this Howcast skateboarding video.


Speaker 1: So now we're gonna talk about grinds. A grind is when you Olley up to a rail of any kind, and it lands on your truck whether it's the front or back. You can do a nose grind or a 5-0 grind, or if it's both trucks it's a 50-50. And it pretty much all has to do with balance, especially if it's a round rail. But you pretty much approach the rail going parallel, and then you Olley up, land on the rail, and there's your grind.

Speaker2: I guess, uh, for a grind. So the first time you ever want to grind something I would try to grind on a round bar or a square angle iron like this. I would learn it on like a curb, a yellow curb or on a ledge before you attempt going onto a rail. So get the grind really solid on l-, on a, on a ledge, and step it up to a grind on a, on a rail.

Speaker1: And the hardest part is a round rail because you have to be really precise on where you're gonna land and you have to make sure your balance is perfection. So before you grind, you definitely gonna have to learn how to Olley because that's pretty much the only way you're gonna get up there. Unless you're gonna do a slappy [laughs]. That's a whole different story.

Speaker2: Olley's the key to most tricks, 99% of it.

Speaker1: Yeah. So those are the basics on how to do a grind.

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