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How to Do a Nollie 5-0 on a Skateboard

Learn how to do a nollie 5-0 from professional skateboarders Bam Margera and Kerry Getz in this Howcast skateboarding video.


Bam Margera: So now we're down in nollie 5-0s.

Kerry Gatz: All right, a nollie 5-0 is going to be an nollie. You're going to get in an nollie position and then you're going to go nollie and then you're going to into your back truck. Again, you're going to want to have your 5-0s down before you do something like this. So definitely do an ollie 5-0 and get those comfortably before you do a nollie and some 5-0s.

But, yeah, in nollie position, you nollie landing on your back truck and grinding down the rail is a nollie 5-0. Any trick off your nose nollie into 5-0s nollie in your nose grinds are definitely harder because nollies are a bit harder than an ollie. So you definitely want to have your ollie 5-0s and nollie nose grinds all locked in before you step up to a nollie...

It all really comes down to the balance of being comfortable on your board. You definitely don't want to be trying tricks like this until you get the basics of skating down on lock in your balance and feel comfortable on a nice ledge before you step up to a rail or anything like that.

So that's how you nollie 5-0.

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