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How to Do a Pop Shove It on a Skateboard

Learn how to do a Pop Shove It from professional skateboarders Bam Margera and Kerry Getz in this Howcast skateboarding video.


A: So now we're going to teach you the pop shove-it, which is one of the first tricks that you should be learning, besides the ollie and 180 ollies and kick-flips. Once you learn the pop shove-it, that's when you can start doing your varial situations, varial kick-flip and varial heel-flip.

A pop shove-it is basically just a varial. You can do it front-side or back-side. It's basically just an ollie, and you keep your body straight, but your board just does a 180.

B: You can do it where you just shove it and don't hit your tail. That's probably the first one to learn. You want to just kind of get the shove-it, the quickness. It's pretty much like an airwalk, like you're going to learn later with 360-flip where you airwalk your feet. It's all in your back foot, kind of shove-iting the tail and keeping your body straight.

A: But pop shove-it is really important to make sure that you bone it out beforehand, because if you don't do it, then it's really easy to look crappy. Do you know what I mean?

B: The harder you pop it, the more you use your tail on a shove-it, the better the trick's going to look. Where you can learn it, just to learn it, is you can just shove the wheels in it, but the main thing you want to learn is cracking the tail and getting it off the ground.

A: So that's how you do your pop shove-it.

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