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Marc by Marc Jacobs

Learn about fashion brand Marc by Marc Jacobs in this Howcast video with expert Nancy Deihl.


The secondary line Marc by Marc Jacobs was introduced in 2001 and it was an immediate hit. Marc by Marc Jacobs is not so far off the designer's main line in terms of inspiration and style. Part of the expansion of his business, the designer opened his first European store in 2006 followed by a free-standing boutique in London the following year.

Marc Jacobs keeps expanding his fashion offerings. His secondary line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, was introduced in 2001 and was an immediate hit with young women everywhere. The secondary line is not so far off in inspiration and feeling from his main focus. His design empire has consistently expanded.

His first European store opened in 2006 in Paris and was followed by a store in London a year later. The children's line, Little Marc Jacobs, debuted in 2007. Fragrance, eyewear and accessories are now available all over the world. Unlike other designers whose collections seem to evolve from the previous season, each Marc Jacobs show explores a distinct look.

Some are inspired by the past, whether it's the 1940s or the 1970s. Some by art or travel and some just by the energy of modern life.

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