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How to Do an Ollie Fakie Skateboarding Ramp Trick

Learn how to do the ramp trick Ollie Fakie from professional skateboarders Bam Margera and Kerry Getz in this Howcast skateboarding video.


A: Now we're going to teach you the ollie, the fakies, and 180 ollies.

Basically, once you learn how to pump up and down the ramp, and you've got your fakie rocks, then you just come up and just bust an ollie as high as you can. It's good to put your back foot up as much as you can, because the more it's boned out the radder it looks. Then you can start doing shifties and all of that.

B: Yeah, the main thing with both of these tricks, the ollies and 180's on ramp, you can learn it down here and work your way up the ramp to where you feel comfortable. Because doing ollies and fakies up high sometimes you can hang up, so make sure you get this on lock down here before you start moving up. With 180's you kind of go up on an angle, ollie, level your board out, and then turn 180. Make sure you have nice 180's really solid before you start trying it on training, because the training will whip you out and you'll end up breaking your arm off or something.

A: Also, when you get your ollies or 180's wired you can ollie up, then as soon as you see that you're past the coping you could smash your nose like that. And if you're doing a 180, you could smash the tails ...

B: Smash the tails

A: ... and it makes it look a lot better. It makes it look like you know what you're doing.

So, those are how you do your ollies and 180's.

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