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What is Mongo Footing on a Skateboard?

Learn what NOT to do, like the Mongo Footing, from professional skateboarders Bam Margera and Kerry Getz in this Howcast skateboarding video.


Bam Margera: Now we're going to teach you what not to do. It's called pushing mongo.

Mongo pushing is pushing with your front foot so it's pretty much in the back of the board. It might seem like it's giving you more speed which it could be, but it looks terrible. That's an absolute no-no. It's also called piss pedaling.

Kerry Getz: You always want to push with your back foot. I know like mango you might feel a little bit more comfortable getting on your board, but if you learn how to push like that, you're learning how to push twice because everyone, once you get better at skating, people are like, "You're pushing the wrong way." You're going to have to go all the way back and learn how to push this way.

Bam: Remember don't mango foot, aka piss pedal. It's an absolute no-no.

Kerry: Always push with your back foot.

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