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What Is Mobbing on a Skateboard?

Learn what NOT to do on skateboards, like Mobbing, from professional skateboarders Bam Margera and Kerry Getz in this Howcast skateboarding video.


Bam Margera: So now we're going to teach you what not to do. And it's called mob. And that's when you do a kick flip or a heel flip or even an Ollie and it's vertical like this. And the more vertical it is, the more terrible it looks. You want to make sure it's like this and boned out like that. Mob is a must not do.

Kerry Gretz: The reason mob happens is because you forget the Ollie before you do the kick flip or before you do the heel flip. So you don't want to just kick down or kick this way. You want to always Ollie and then kick out on an angle. So mob is caused by leaving out that Ollie and just kicking straight down.

Bam: A mob looks absolutely terrible and it's a must not do. But if you're going to try it down stairs or anything, then you could get a potential credit card.

Kerry: Yeah.

Bam: And that's where the nose of your board goes up your ass.

Kerry: Yeah.

Bam: And that hurts like hell. I'd know. I've seen me do it. So there's how not to do a mob. Mob kick flip or mob heel flip or mob in general.

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