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Hermes Icons

Learn about icons of fashion house Hermes in this Howcast video with expert Nancy Deihl.


Among its many products, several Hermes bags have acquired iconic status. The first was the Kelly bag. Named for it's association with Princess Grace of Monaco, the former Grace Kelly, who was photographed in Life magazine. She was pregnant at the time and she held the bag so that it was very close to her body, kind of protecting her. So the bag has acquired kind of cult status because of the association with her celebrity. Another important style is the Birkin bag, which was designed in honor of Jane Birkin, the English actress and singer. She was apparently seated near the chairman of Hermes on an airplane flight and he noticed that when she rummaged through her purse, all her stuff fell out. And so he felt that she needed a new bag. So she had a straw bag. He designed her a beautiful leather bag and that became know as the Birkin bag.

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