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How to Do a Blunt to Fakie Skateboarding Ramp Trick

Learn how to do the ramp trick Blunt to Fakie from professional skateboarders Bam Margera and Kerry Getz in this Howcast skateboarding video.


Bam: So a Blunt to Fakie is a little more difficult to a Rock and Roll. Instead of coming up and putting your board like this, you're gonna come up and put your back truck on it like that. Then you pretty much do an Ollie out so you pass the coping. You can do Nose Blunts as well and I like to pop my back trucks on the coping so I bounce off into the Nose Blunt. Just so long as you have your Ollies and Switch Ollies on lock down then Blunts should be no problem. You just got to make sure that you don't hang up because you'll go flying right to the bottom.

Kerry: Yeah, make sure you have your Rock to Fakies on lock. Be comfortable to go down the ramp backward because that is going to be key to Ollieing out of the Blunt into the transition. So make sure you have your Ollies on lock.

Bam: And that right there is how to do your Blunts.

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