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How to Navigate Skateboard Ramps

Learn how to navigate skateboard ramps from professional skateboarders Bam Margera and Kerry Getz in this Howcast skateboarding video.


The skate board ramp is, pretty much, it can be a bank it can have transition which is like this one right here. The transition is a little like angled and it's, personally, my favorite thing to skate is a mini-ramp, which is two of these back to back and you can kind of go back an forth and do tricks. So, I don't know, we're going to go through some steps and some basic tricks to learn on a quarter pike.

And what's fun about it is you don't have to push at all, you can just do trick, to trick, to trick.


Instead of using up all your energy pushing down the street and stuff like that. So that's what makes transitions fun, you can just pump with your legs and get it done that way.

Yeah, and it's something you can build in your back yard to kind of learn the basic tricks and stuff like that.

Main trick you want to learn first though, is Dropping In. You want to just drop in on the ramp first before you try, like, Fakie Rocks and any of those of tricks, but that's the first one.

And key to Dropping In, everybody thinks that you have to lean back, but you don't, you have to lean forward. And most people who fall Dropping In, they lean way too much back and then they slide down on their ass.

And break their wrist.

But, yeah, you just bend down and lean forward and that's pretty much all you have to do. Well, the first things that you should learn on a mini-ramp is a Rock the Fakie, which is you come up, put your board like this and then you have to lift up back over the coping and go down. And you could also do a Rock and Roll, which is a 180, which basically you just come up, Fakie Rock and turn your body. And you can do that front side and back side. And then, you've got your 50-50s, which is both trucks and come down. You can do that to Fakie, which is where you have to kind of go down and let it slide down Fakie, like that, and then you've got your 5-0's. Those are the basic mini-ramp tricks I think.

A hard trick to learn is like a Blunt to Fakie, that takes a while to learn. Some people will grab their nose and kind of help them pull in on that trick, but.

Yeah. And when you come up, and your back trucks go like this to the coping and then you pretty much Ollie out like that, and you can try to do a switch, which is a Nose Blunt.

Lean back and do it.

And sometimes with a Nose Blunt, I like to pop my back truck so I bounce up into the Nose Blunt position.


And pop out.

So those are, like, the four basic tricks you kind of want to learn first before you step up to any other tricks, like, 180 Nose Blunts and Backside Nose Blunts, so learn the basics first.

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