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Karl Lagerfeld

Learn about fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel in this Howcast video with expert Nancy Deihl.


It's hard to imagine, but by the early 80s, the Chanel brand was not very desirable. The House of Chanel brought in Karl Lagerfeld to revitalize and renovate the brand in 1983. Lagerfeld did a great job in bringing Chanel up to speed, making the brand more appealing for the 1980s customer. He worked with existing traditions. He went through the repertoire of what was Chanel . . . what was Chanel all about?

For example, Lagerfeld took the double-C logo of Chanel and used it brazenly on the outside of the clothes. He combined very modern shapes, shorter skirts, black leather jackets with existing Chanel pieces, like striped sailor jersey's that Coco Chanel was often photographed herself wearing. He did an excellent job in appealing to the 1980s customer who wanted to wear the labels on the outside, rather than on the inside.

The clothes that he created for Chanel and continues to create, continue the tradition of Chanel. They're modern, they're wearable, but they're also relevant to today's customer for luxury brands.

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