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Dior Fashion Designers

Learn about fashion designers of Dior in this Howcast video with expert Nancy Deihl.


Though the house has retained the name of its founder, there's been a string of important designers that have worked for the House of Dior and each one has made an important contribution to the label. When Christian Dior died suddenly in 1957 the fashion world was thrown into a panic, but fortunately he had a young assistant who stepped up and took his place.

And that young assistant happened to be Yves St. Laurent. Young assistant he really was because he was only 21 at the time. He stepped in and produced a beautiful collection called the Trapez collection and put people's fears to rest. Yves St. Laurent stayed at the house until 1960 when he had to leave to do his obligatory military service. Of course, while he was gone, the house needed a designer, so they brought in Marc Bohan, another respected designer.

Marc Bohan stayed at Dior until 1989 when the house felt it needed a change. And then they brought in Gianfranco Ferre, an Italian designer. Ferre stayed until 1996 when he was replaced by John Galliano who designed until 2011.

So even though we think about the House of Dior and associate it with Christian Dior, obviously many other designers have contributed to the excellence of the brand.

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