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Tom Ford

Learn about designer Tom Ford for Gucci in this Howcast fashion video with expert Nancy Deihl.


To update it's image, Gucci hired the American designer Tom Ford. He was brought in to rekindle the brand by John Mellow, an American fashion executive and he was brought in initially to design one ready-to-wear line, but then he quickly rose to become creative director in 2001.

During the time he was at Gucci, he was very successful in bringing back the sexy factor to Gucci. He made a lot of references in his design to the 1970s, which was, of course, really important years for the brand, but also a time in fashion that he was attracted to, personally. A lot of his work has leather accents. He did very body conscious fashion, and really rekindled the Gucci brand. It was, at first, a surprising choice to pick an American designer, but it obviously worked for Gucci.

Tom Ford's work from that time shows a lot of influence from the 1970s, which was, of course, a very important period for Gucci, but also a time that he found personally appealing. He initiated, also, some very kind of sexy ad campaigns for the Gucci accessories and the clothing and the fragrance. He was really successful in repositioning Gucci as a very desirable luxury brand.

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