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How to Do a Braid like Anne Hathaway

Learn how to do a braid like Anne Hathaway from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


We're going to do a braid now to look like Anne Hathaway on the red carpet. So, the braided look that we're going to do is basically, it's an inside out French braid and it's going to start on either side of the head, almost a headband effect, travel all the way back to the head, and then it's going to finish with a very nice tussled bun here in the back, a little higher off of the neck.

So, I'm going to start with three sections here in the front, and the look actually starts, the braid starts pretty high up and goes back. So, because of that I'm starting with a triangle section on the front over here, as opposed to taking this whole entire section. Wherever you take that first section it's always going to leave where your braid goes. And the inside out braid, you go underneath that middle strand, so you're taking the hair from the outside, and you're actually moving it underneath the hair strand. I'm going to start incorporating a little hair in and going underneath that middle strand.

So, we go underneath that middle strand, and we are going to pull a little bit of hair from the top, integrate it in, and then go underneath that hair, that center section, and I'm going to start moving the braid down the back of the head, underneath that center strand, keeping it tight the whole way. So, now I've run out of hair on the top, so I'm going to stop integrating hair, but I'm going to continue to braid that top section in the nape of the neck, move it underneath that center section, making it tight. As the head starts to get flatter in the back, and curve under, remember to go with that shape, instead of braiding straight out. And then I've ran out of hair on the top, so I'm going to just keep braiding as usual.

Grab a section of hair from the underside, go underneath that center strand. I don't have any hair on the top, so I'm just going to continue to go under the strand, under the middle strand on that side. You can do this until you run out of hair, and for Anne's look, it is kind of a braided headband, but it's finished with kind of a tussled bun in the back, something really elegant. Making sure to keep my sections tight the whole way, and then what I'm actually going to do is instead of braiding in all the way down, I'm going to stop right there and I'm going to add a clear rubber band because I want to leave this other hair long.

So, holding the braid really tight to the head, go ahead and put your pony tail in, and then do that to the other side as well. So, you have started a braid, the same kind of a braid on the other side, and if your hair was a little bit finer than this you could always put the two together and then do a braid that way. When you finish the other side, just join it to the previous sides pony tail, pulling that hair all the way through.

Rubber band and tighten it up, and then you can go through and you can loosen the braid a bit. Just fan it out and make it a bit fatter, and do the same on the other side. Anne Hathaway had just a very tussled soft bun in the back. So we are going to break this hair into two sections, and we're going to begin twisting them all the way to the tips, and take just a couple of hairs at the bottom and we are going to just use that hair as a guide, and scrunch that hair up. Secure that in place.

We will show you how to do that again on the other side. This is where you can get a little creative, and that's one of the best things about up-dos is it can be different every time. It can be a very specific look, but you can have a little bit of fun with it. Just hold those, and your just ruching it all the way up. So, you're creating a little bun, and then I just continued wrapping it all the way up to the top, take our bobby pins and stick those in. This is the same style that we've seen Anne Hathaway wear on the red carpet. It starts with a braid and ends with just a little nice tussled bun in the back.

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