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How to Do a Waterfall Hair Braid

Learn how to do a waterfall braid from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So to do the waterfall braid you're going to do it starting at the front and just kind of bending backwards from the head. I want to leave a little bit of softness out around the face. I'm going to take a section. Now a waterfall braid is basically a French braid only your only adding in hair from the top and not from the bottom. In addition you are also dropping a piece out. It sounds complicated but it's not.

So we're going to section off into three parts. I'm going to put in a couple of braids before we get started. Grab a piece of hair from the top, always working from the center back point. Join it on the top just like you do a French Braid, cross it over the center. And then now what you do is you drop a piece of hair off from there so you cut that section in half and you leave that down.

So you've dropped a section out but you still have three sections left. So you are going to cross over, French braid the top. Grab a little bit of hair, add it in. Three sections start by doing a couple of just normal braids. Now I am going to start integrating hair in from the top. Integrate it in, cross it over the center, and then you're going to want to take and cut that center piece in half. Half of it stays down and then half of it remains in the center.

So I just dropped a little piece out but I still have three sections. So cross the bottom over the top and that is going to secure the piece that you dropped out. And then pull a little hair from the top, integrate it in and cross it over, drop a little piece out from the center, and then you want to start integrating hair in and dropping hair out. So you're going to take from the very top of the head, integrate that into the top strand, cross it over, and then you want to drop half of that out.

I still have three strands so I'm just going to cross over that bottom one and that locks it in place. And take a little hair from the top integrate it into the braid, cross it over the center, and then drop a little piece out. You're creating this kind of waterfall effect. Cross that braid over, integrate a little hair into this cross section, fold over the center strand, drop a little section out, and then cross over your bottom strand. And we are going to continue.

Remember we are going from the very top of the head bringing hair back. Integrate that into the top half, we are gong to continue on until we get to the other side. So it's kind of an asymmetrical diagonal braid. So we're going to grab, remember, from the very top portion. Bring it over, integrate it, toss it over the center, drop a bit of that center out, and cross the bottom over the top. Just a little ways now. Grabbing it from the top of the head, of course, bring it down and around, cross that center, drop a little of it out, and bring that bottom one over the center.

Now at this point I am going to stop, because I've gotten all the hair that I want to from the front end, and I'm just going to continue braiding the hair down. Just a traditional braid now. We just go midway down and secure it with an elastic. Then you should be able to move, I mean, fluff up the braid a bit so I'm going to start at the bottom. And there's your Waterfall Braid.

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