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Red Carpet Braid Styles

Learn some braid hairstyles that are good for the red carpet from professional hairstylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


We like to see a mixture of things on the red carpet. We like to see braids with some kind of tousled soft waves or braids with some beautiful buns. So what I would do, I would recommend a beautiful french braid around the front of your face leading into something soft and beautiful on the very bottom, but keep it very young and modern. We don't want anything too stiff on the red carpet. That's why we're so attracted to the red carpet look is because it's very soft and modern. Something that's fun and sexy to wear. So I would keep things really soft throughout.

Another great idea would be to take and braid maybe one side of your hair and then keep the rest very soft with a glamorous, almost a vintagey feel. But that would keep the side of your hair really nice and tight. It would pair really well with a beautiful bodice on a dress.

Braid styles. The first person that comes to mind for me, braid styles for red carpet would be Blake Lively. She's young. She's hip. She's a little bit funky. She's very New York. She often times has very, very long hair. Kind of beachy and I think that the braid styles work perfectly with her hair texture.

Some other people that we think about are Heidi Klum has done a lot of braided looks on the runway. Jessica Alba's done a couple of them also. The Olsen twins, famous for their red carpet braids and their Boho style.

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