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How to Do Conditioning Drills for Soccer

Learn how to do conditioning drills from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


Conditioning is a key component for all soccer players. Most of the game is spent running without the ball. Soccer requires short sprints, long sprints, as well as long runs. The following three exercises will work on all three aspects of conditioning.

The first exercise is a half-field shuttle. The players run out six yards and return to the goal line. The players run out 18 yards and return to the goal line. Then the players run out to mid-field and return to the goal line. The target is about 32 to 35 seconds. Repeat five to ten times.

The second exercises are called stinkers. You want to go to mid-field and back to the goal line three times in one minute. Repeat three to ten times depending on the time of the season. You may need to add a couple of seconds per run depending on the level of fitness.

The third exercise is a 40 yard shuttle. You've got three cones that are five yards apart and one cone that's in front of a center cone ten yards out. The player's going to start at the center cone, go to the right, and turn around, go all the way to the left. They come back to the center, they go out forward, and then they come back to the starting point. You can vary this 40 yard shuttle by doing side shuffles and by adding a backwards run.

Often the team that wins is the fittest team. These are three excellent exercises to make you the fittest on your team. Invite your teammates to train with you.

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