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How to Do Karate with Richard Amos

Learn about Richard Amos, one of Howcast's karate experts, in this video.


Hi. My name is Richard Amos. I teach Shotokan karate on the Upper East Side in Manhattan on 61st Street. I've been doing karate since 1973, originally in England, then in Japan, and I've been back in New York since 2000. I have my school here and I teach classes every day to kids' private classes, to businessmen, and to group classes for adults six days a week. I found over the decades that my karate has evolved to be a really complete lifestyle, not just technique and training hard in the dojo, but also in the approach to pretty much everything I do has the same discipline and the same sense of order. Karate for me is a very complete art. If you're interested in trying Shotokan karate, we're on 328 East 61st, and our website is

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