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How to Make Eastern Carolina Barbecue Sauce

Learn how to whip up a batch of Eastern Carolina barbecue sauce from Pork Barrel BBQ pitmasters Heath Hall and Brett Thompson in this Howcast video.


If you're looking for the perfect sauce to accompany any pork dish from pulled pork to ribs, this is it, an Eastern Carolina sauce. It's really, really simple to make and really, really delicious. Start out with some simple distilled white vinegar, and I like to do this all in a Mason jar because it's easy clean-up, easy storage, easy to do. A little light or dark brown sugar. It's kind of fun. Watch it bubble. A little Kosher salt. A little hot sauce, any of your favorites will do. I like to use a Cayenne based hot sauce. The real star of the ingredients is the crushed red pepper flakes. And then a little bit of black pepper. Not a whole lot of ingredients. Real simple. Put your lid on and then shake like you were shaking a cocktail. Let that set for at least 48 hours, but if you can let it set for a week, it's even going to be better. It's going to let all those flavors mingle together. It's going to be nice and spicy, and nice and acidic. When you put it on a pulled pork sandwich, it's going to cut through the fat. It's really, really a great sauce for those pulled pork sandwiches. This is a sauce that you'd find in the eastern Carolinas. You might see this a lot at the Pig Pickins that they have down there, but it's a great versatile sauce for pork, and try it on coleslaws. It makes a really nice coleslaw dressing. You can kick it up a little with some mustard for some salad dressing. There's a lot of uses for it, but first and foremost, it is the quintessential pork barbecue sauce, so give it a try. Eastern Carolina Barbecue Sauce. Simple to make. Great to taste.

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