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How to Barbecue with Heath Hall & Brett Thompson

Learn about Pork Barrel BBQ pitmasters Heath Hall and Brett Thompson, two of Howcast's barbecue experts, in this video.


Heath: Hi I'm Heath Hall, president of Pork Barrel Barbecue.

Brett: I'm Brett Thompson, CEO of Pork Barrel Barbecue. Heath and I came up with the idea for Pork Barrel Barbecue late one night while working in the US Senate. We were watching senators talk about ear marks and pork barrel spending. Heath and I were talking about our favorite subject which was dinner and barbecue! It was a couple of years ago when our boss lost re-election and we had to decide what to do with our lives.

So, we founded Pork Barrel Barbecue. Our sauces have been named Men's Health Magazine best sauce, Country Living best sauce, and it's a real passion for us. We've had the opportunity to travel around throughout the nation winning barbecue competitions and just sharing our passion for barbecue.

Heath: It's really been about the American dream for us; we were able to take a hobby we love, barbecue, and turn it into a business. In this economy that's a challenge so we're really thrilled that we're able to share our own passion and our love for something like barbecue with all of America. We're sitting here in our beautiful new restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia. Hopefully if you get a chance to come to the Washington D.C. area you'll stop by to say hi and as Brett said our barbecue sauces are sold in almost 2500 stores around he country. We're cooking in barbecue contests almost every weekend during the summer from coast to coast.

It's really been an awesome opportunity to get to meet folks around the country and even the world that love barbecue. We've cooked the American Royal Invitation, the Jack Daniels World Championship, Memphis in May, we're the reigning two national chicken champions, and really what it all comes down to is our love for barbecue and we're thrilled to be able to share our knowledge with people that are just starting out with their backyard first smoker in their back yard as well as people who have been cooking for hundreds and hundreds of hours and thousands and thousands of pounds of meat on their smoker.

We hope that you enjoy Pork Barrel Barbecue as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!

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