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How to Do a Lunge Punch in Karate

Learn how to do a lunge punch from karate instructor Richard Amos in this Howcast video.


The lunge punch in karate is known as. Or stepping punch sometimes it's called. From here, we're going to generate power by displacing the body weight. Our problem is holding the arm back, and flicking it at the end. What we have to realize, just like, there has to be a potential to hit all the way through the technique. Hitting here, hitting here, hitting here. What happens, of course, is the arm feels slower, feels less crisp. But then we've got to remind ourselves that we are hitting with the body. And the arm should be subordinate to the body as we step forward. So from here, moving faster and faster, it gets more difficult to stop yourself from holding it back to flick at the end.

So this again, is something, it's a very simple technique. It's done from the first level, from the white belt level, and it's also part of the black belt test. So all through our karate life we're going to be doing, or lunge punch. The power comes from the ground, again. This leg is driving, so what we want to avoid is reaching with the punching arm. Deliberately, karate is structured this way, where we're forced to drive with the back leg. This is the correct source of power for this technique. And from there you can use your right or your left hand.

But in a basic format, we're going to step with our left, and punch with our left. This is sort of unnatural because, of course, when we walk we have our left leg forward and our right hand, and vice versa. So doing a reverse punch is more natural. However, we focus more in our basic training on the lunge punch. Driving with this leg deliberately, not punching with the natural arm but punching with this arm, to force ourselves to drive from below. To drive from that back leg.

So when we do it quicker, this becomes our focus. From here. And we don't go to the arm. From the ground, out to the hip. Like all our other techniques. Driving with the right leg, you'll be punching with left. And pushing the right hip forward, squeezing the back side underneath, the lunge punch in karate.

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