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How to Do a Reverse Punch in Karate

Learn how to do a reverse punch karate move from karate instructor Richard Amos in this Howcast video.


  • Step 1: Know what a reverse punch is Know that with the reverse punch, you're rotating only at the hips--the front hip acting like a hinge, the back hip creating torsion to drive the punch through.
  • TIP: Where your arm should be Keep the arm you're not punching with clear out of your range of attack.
  • Step 2: Preparing delivery When preparing to deliver the reverse punch, be sure your shoulder blades and in and tight.
  • Step 3: Executing the punch To execute the reverse punch, push from the floor with your back leg and keep your punching straight.


Yeah, I'm going to talk about the reverse punch of Shotokan Karate, gyaku zuki reverse punch. Gyaku reverse because we have the right arm out with the left legs forward and vice versa opposite side. ? back gyaku zuki. So we're not going to move forward in the basic format. When we're moving freely, of course, you're going to shifting much more than this. But when we're basic training this, you're starting to develop your power by shifting the power by hip rotation. So this aspect of basic training is extremely important. It's one of the main ways we create power by rotating the hip. As you rotate, this hip acts like a hinge and opens.

This leg compresses to create a powerful ? you release to send your technique out. If this thing moves, you lose stability. And everywhere you lose stability, you're going to shave off a few percentage points from your ideal power. Gyaku zuki finishes here in the basic format with a straight arm, wrist twisted like before. You're going to unlock that arm, ? back. This arm can just be here covering. Don't bring it across because then we start to use our shoulders and start swinging. Really pull your shoulder blades together. So here you're going to squeeze more down the center. When you're in preparation, you're going to squeeze the backside. So you're working the opposite sides of your body.

As you punch from the floor, veer the hip, send the technique straight forward. Because you have a hip rotation, you notice my belt comes out. I don't want my arm to do this. I don't want to swing it around. So keeping that palm up, keeping the armpit closed, keeping the elbow in is something you need to focus on; this can happen very easily. Compress back leg, releasing sending the hip forward. There's our gyaku zuki ?, gyaku zuki. Gyaku zuki, the reverse punch with Shotokan Karate.

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