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Gas vs. Charcoal vs. Wood vs. Pellets

Learn the pros and cons of different kinds of barbecue fuel from Pork Barrel BBQ pitmasters Heath Hall and Brett Thompson in this Howcast video.


Man 1: Today we're going to talk about the different types of fuel sources for cooking barbeque. Now, there are four main types. Charcoal, wood, wood pallets and gas. Each has its own important place in the world of barbeque.

Probably the most familiar sources of fuel for barbequers are gas and charcoal. We really love charcoal. A simple, easily accessible fuel type. You can get it in both lump and briquette form. We really love the hardwood lump. Check that out if you've never used it.

Gas. Probably the second most popular fuel in the world of barbeque. Simple, easy. You come home, you flip a switch and you're ready to cook. Doesn't necessarily impart the same flavor as a charcoal or wood fire would, but it's still a great way to cook.

Then the other two. The more traditional type of cooking that's been for hundreds of year is wood, of course. You've got oak, hickory, mesquite, alder. Lots of different kinds of woods imparts lots of different flavors and different, you know, vegetables and meats. Give those a shot.

And then a more recent addition to the world of barbeque fuels is the barbeque pallet. It's a real simple, easy, clean way to barbeque. There are special grills that you need to be able to use these. So if you're gonna get pallets make sure you have a compatible grill.

But give these things a try. All four fuel sources are really great.

Man 2: That's right. So you've wood, gas, charcoal and wood pellets. Give them all a try. Experiment. Have a lot of fun. That's the big thing that we want to say.

Man 1: Yeah.

Man 2: Just try them all. Have fun with barbeque and enjoy.

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