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How to Brine Poultry, Fish or Meat for Barbecue

Learn how to brine poultry, fish, or meat from Pork Barrel BBQ pitmasters Heath Hall and Brett Thompson in this Howcast video.


Today we're going to talk about the basics of brining. Now, brining is a process that really helps add a lot of flavor and help tenderize lean meats, particularly chicken, turkey and seafood. Now I wasn't really great at science in high school but I'm going to do my best to go into a little bit of the science of brining.

Brining is a solution typically of salt, sugar and water that works through the process of osmosis. What happens is the solution infuses into the cells of what you're putting in the brining solution. And it really helps add a lot of flavor and helps tenderize the meat.

I'll give you a simple brining recipe, which is one quart of water, half cup kosher salt and a half cup sugar. Typically you would put chicken in there for two to four hours. Turkey might be eight to 12 hours. One key is any brining must be refrigerated during the whole process.

But I promise you it really helps, particularly with lean meats, to add a tremendous amount of flavor and help tenderize the meat. So give it a try. Quick and simple brining. It is sure to be a great success at your house.

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