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Kansas City Style Barbecue

Learn about Kansas City Style Barbecue from Pork Barrel BBQ pitmasters Heath Hall and Brett Thompson in this Howcast video.


Kansas City, Cow Town USA as many people call it. It's home to some of the greatest barbeque in America. Kansas City is known for all different types of barbeque. Thanks in large part to the stock yards that once dominated the area. Some of the largest stock yards in the world bring pigs, and cow, chickens. So you're not gonna just find pork or beef in Kansas City. You're gonna find succulent brisket. You're gonna find juicy pork spare ribs. You're gonna find chicken. It's all in Kansas City.

One of the really, really wonderful specialties you're gonna find in Kansas City is a thing called the burnt end. Doesn't sound appetizing but once you've had it you may not want to have anything else. The burnt end is simply taking the point of the brisket after the brisket has been cooked. Put it back in the smoker and cook it a second time to really render that fat down and provide yourself with a real juicy piece of meat. Burnt end sandwiches are one of heaven's delights. You will not regret trying it if you've never had it.

Kansas City is also know for hosting one of the world's largest barbeque contests. Every fall the American Royal is hosted in Kansas City attracting the world's best barbeque teams in a two day contest. It's a great excuse to head to Kansas City to check out great barbeque and see some of the best teams in the world. If you haven't had Kansas City barbeque you gotta give it a shot.

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