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How to Trim & Season Barbecued Pork Spareribs

Learn how to trim and season barbecued pork spareribs from Pork Barrel BBQ pitmasters Heath Hall and Brett Thompson in this Howcast food video.


Brett: One of the best ways to impress family and friends is to cook pork spare
ribs. Today we're going to go through the process of how to cook these
so that you can be a barbecue God.

Heath: The first step in doing a spare rib is to trim the ribs, we've already
trimmed these down as a St. Louis cut. The next step is going to be one
of the most important and that's seasoning. You first want to season the
backside, so the bone side of the ribs. What we do is take a little bit
of vegetable oil or extra virgin olive oil, squirt it on the back. This
will help give it a little bit of an adhesive nature of the rub, this is
all purpose spice rub, which we've made. Generously put spice rub on the
back side, which is the bone side of the ribs, this will help give the
ribs a really nice flavor, let that flavor penetrate all through the

Brett: So you do a pretty heavy coat?

Heath: Yeah, you want a nice heavy coat because you really want to get that
flavor. There's really two flavors, you're going to get flavoring from
the smoke and you're going to get flavoring from the spice rub in
addition to the fats and flavorings and the natural flavor of the meat.

You want to let this rest for 15 minutes with the spice rub on the bone
side and then you want to flip it over. This slab we've already seasoned
15 minutes ago, the bone side, and then we've flipped it over. So we
want to, again, take some vegetable oil on top, you can also use olive
oil, and then that's going to help the spice rub just stick on there.
Again, another heavy coating of spice rub. You can get good spice rubs
at the grocery store premade, or you can make your own, which allows you
to put some of the flavors that you want in there. If you want it to be
spicier you can put more chilies in there, if you want it to be sweeter
you can put more sugar in there.

What we're going to do now is let this rest for another 15 minutes, then
we're going to take these out to the smoker and get them on and get them

Brett: So we're out at the smoker, we've got the ribs rubbed down. So this
is a mulit-part process, but we promise it's going to be fantastic.
You've got the spareribs, we are going to be cooking them total 4 hours
at 275. The big thing to do is you put them on the smoker, you want to
put bone side down on the smoker. Now these are going to go 2 hours
unwrapped, at 2 hours we're going to wrap them in foil, we'll tell you
those secrets in a second.

One of the big things is every 30 minutes you want to take apple juice,
and make sure that you spray the ribs, it keeps them really moist, it
caramelizes over the top, it just makes for a great moist rib. So we're
going to go ahead and spray them now, just a light coat every 30 minutes
until we foil them. So we'll be back in 2 hours and we'll have some
great ribs.

All right, so the ribs have been cooking for two hours unwrapped. Now
comes the magic time. It's looking really great. We're going to pull
them out and we're going to do what is called foiling them. The way you
do it is you take a layer of foil, some brown sugar, we use a granulated
brown sugar. You lay down a bed for where the ribs are going to go, and
then you use just standard honey. You lay down three layers, three
lines; it's going to fit perfectly for the rib.

Take the ribs out and you can see two hours in, they're looking really
good. They've got a beautiful color to them, they look really juicy.
We're going to put them face down and then do exactly what we've just
done, another layer of brown sugar on top and then three lines of honey,
they are going to add that perfect sweetness.

Now you got to wrap the ribs, one of the big keys is you got to wrap
them really tightly because for the next next hours, they are going to get
all the juices from the ribs and they are going to stay and be really
baste themselves. So we fold it over really, really tight. So you just
flip it over, the bone side down, back on the smoker, hour and a half to
two hours, we're going to test it, we're going to come back and show you
how to know when ribs are done.

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