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How to Plan a Barbecue Menu

Learn how to plan a barbecue menu from Pork Barrel BBQ pitmasters Heath Hall and Brett Thompson in this Howcast video.


There are lots of ways to cook a meal. An oven, a stove, inside. Those are all great. But let's talk about something that's a lot more fun: Moving outside and doing a barbecue meal. How do you plan a menu for a summer barbecue? There are two types of barbecues that I want to talk about. Something quick and fast for your family. This could be something like doing some chicken breast, doing some shish kebabs, a couple sides, nothing better in the summer then grilled corn, maybe some coleslaw, maybe a baked potato. Really fabulous way to come home from work and in less than an hour put a really great meal on the table. Not have to heat the house up with the stove. Not have to get the oven going. But a really quick delicious meal.

Now how you plan a barbecue menu for a larger group? You know, if you're talking 15, 20 25, even a hundred people, there's two pieces of meat that we recommend. The first is a pork butt. The second is a brisket. It's a really affordable way to cut cook for a lot of people. You can take a brisket and probably cook for 20 people with one brisket. A pork butt probably 15 people. Some great sides, coleslaw, beans, again corn is also really great in the summer. It's very quick. There's not really a lot of prep. You just soak in some water, thrown on the grill, 20 minutes later, you've got some great corn. The most important thing is to be creative. Have some fun. One of the things that we suggest when doing a barbecue is for you to do than meat but invite the people that are coming to bring their favorite side. This is going to allow you to focus on the star of the meal and allow your friends to bring the supporting cast which is going to save you a lot of time in the kitchen and at the grill. Have fun with it. There's lots of stuff you can do in planning a barbecue meal. It's really just up to your own imagination.

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