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Texas Style Barbecue

Learn about Texas Style Barbecue from Pork Barrel BBQ pitmasters Heath Hall and Brett Thompson in this Howcast video.


They say everything's bigger in Texas. And when it comes to barbecue, that's the truth. Today we're going to be talking about Texas style barbecue. Ask any Texan what the best barbecue is in the world, they're probably going to tell you it's Texas barbecue. There's lots of great things about Texas barbecue. The succulent brisket, the beefy, juicy beef ribs and those really terrific brisket sausages you find all across the state. Some stuff with jalapeno and cheddar. Those are my favorite. You're also going to get a nice rich tomato-based sauce with just the right amount of kick and spice to it. On the side you're probably going to have a couple pieces of white bread, some crackers, some pickles, some jalapenos, maybe some onion and cheese. The once certainty is you're going to get a satisfying meal when it comes to Texas barbecue. Texas barbecue's not the only style of barbecue but it certainly is great.

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