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How to Walk Gracefully in High Heels

Learn how to walk gracefully in high heels from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


Some great tips on how to walk gracefully in your high heels has to do all about the posture, and all about giving a little bit of attitude and rhythm in the way you walk. [pause] Again, the Stiletto posture, you always start with your head. Work your way down. Head is always in line with your spine. Shoulders should always be back and down. So you got like a nice, tall, strong, confident look. Abdominals should always be engaged, which will protect your lower back. Slight bend in the knees, which will protect your knees when you walk in the heels. And your heels should be always directly behind your toes.

The graceful Stiletto walk, again, is finding the rhythm in the way that you walk. So you want to place one foot in front of the other, aiming for the ball of the foot. The heel of the shoe will naturally strike first, but you are not aiming for the heel of the shoe. Again, you are not balancing on the toes. You are aiming for the ball of the foot. As you walk, you want to try and find a little bit of rhythm in the way that you walk. So you're going heel, toe, heel, toe. I usually recommend putting in some music, and find the rhythm of the music. And then match your walk, in your favorite heels, to the rhythm of the song. And then you can start adding a little bit more attitude. Relax in the hips. You're moving them back and forward. Relax the upper body. Still maintain that proper posture. But you're trying to relax into the rhythm of your walk.

So what does a graceful walk look like? A graceful walk is one in which it beholds a rhythm, kind of has a confidence, and a little bit of sway as you're walking in your heels. A non graceful walk is non propulsive. So the woman is stepping kind of flat foot, flat foot, flat foot. And she's not finding any rhythm or kind of flow in the way that she's walking. So grace has to do entirely about flow, rhythm, confidence. You're kind of owning the shoes and they are one with you. As opposed to non graceful, where the shoe is pretty much owning you. And you're stepping flat foot, flat foot. And it's loud. You can hear it. You never want to hear when you're walking.

Again, it's a rhythm in the way that you walk.

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