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How to Avoid Heel Pain from Wearing High Heels

Learn how to avoid heel pain from wearing high heels from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


How to avoid pain when wearing your high heels has to do with what you're doing before you wear the heels, what you're doing during wearing the heels, and what you're doing after wearing the heels. Before you even put on your heels, you want to make sure that you maintain strong feet and ankles, whether that's done through barefoot training, foot clenches, various exercises to strengthen the muscles on the bottom of the feet.

When you're wearing your high heels, you want to try and keep the body weight shifted over the entire shoe. There's a lot of inserts that you can put inside the shoe, whether it's gel on the ball of the foot. There's high heel orthotics that you can wear, and there's cushioning that you can put in the back of the heel, which will all help avoid pain when you're wearing your high heels.

After you wear your high heels, it's very important to do foot stretches and foot deep-tissue massage. This will recover the feet, which means the next time you put on your high heels you will reduce the pain, you will keep your feet strong, and you can continue to wear the shoes that you love.

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