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How to Walk in High-Heeled Pumps

Learn how to walk in high-heeled pumps from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


Here are some great tips on how to walk in high heel pumps. Why this is important is because the high heel pump is a staple for the career woman, business suits, or you're going to a business meeting. High heel pump, like any heel, always has to start with the posture. Always start with your head. Try and keep it in line with your spine. Shoulders back and down. Again, shoulders very important. Abdominals should always be engaged nice and strong which will protect the lower back. Always have a slight bend in the knees or soft knees so that you're not hyperextending, which will not only look improper, but you can damage your knees.

When you stand in the pumps, try and shift your weight over the entire shoe. Once you set that posture, you are able to then start walking in that pump. As you walk, again try and maintain that proper posture, keeping the abdominals engaged, which will keep you light on your feet. I always say it's a little like a tango dancer; abdominals engaged, and then you're stepping one foot nice and gracefully in front of the other. Try and maintain your balance on the ball of your foot, not on the heel, and not on the toe. Again, posture is on the ball of the foot as you strike each foot and again, you're trying to find the rhythm in that shoe.

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