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How to Stay Comfortable When Working in High Heels

Learn how to stay comfortable when working in heels from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


Some great tips on how to remain comfortable in your high heels at work has to do with whether you're sitting or standing.

If you're sitting, as much as you can, try and kick off the heels. High heels are a very constricting shoe, which means it's going to put pressure on the ball of the foot. You're going to start feeling pain in the small toes and the top of the foot. So again, any opportunity you have, if you're shoes are under the desk, kick them off, and that will help relieve any of the pain.

If you have to stand at work, and you're wearing your high heels, your proper posture is very important. You always want to have the shoulders back, abdominals in. This is one of the most important tricks is strong abdominals lifts you up out of your shoes so you're actually lighter on your feet.

Another great tip to remain comfortable in your shoes at work is on how you're standing in that high heel. So a lot of people have a tendency to shift their body weight forward to the ball of the foot. Remember, you always want to keep your body weight evenly distributed over that shoe. That means your body weight in your heel, and body weight in the ball of the foot, or the front of the foot.

Another great tip to stay comfortable in your high heels at work is to minimize the time that you actually wear those high heels. If you walk to work, try and bring flats, ballet flats or sneakers. Carry the high heels, and put them on at the office.

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