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How to Avoid Pain in the Ball of Your Foot from High Heels

Learn how to avoid developing pain in the ball of your foot from wearing high heels from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


Some great tips to avoid having pain in high heels has to do with the way that you stand and the way that you're positioning your foot in your shoe. Always maintain strong abdominal, which will lift you almost like a tango dancer.

You're staying nice and light on your feet. As you stand on your heels, try and shift the body weight evenly over the entire shoe. So, you have body weight in your heel as well as in the ball of the foot.

There are also some great products that you can put inside your shoe which would keep he pressure off of the ball of the foot. There's gel inserts for the front of the foot. There's also high heel orthotics or inserts that you can place in the shoe and they're designed to shift the body weight back into the heel.

For women who have a decreased fat pad or cushioning on the ball of their foot, can actually go to a podiatrist and have a procedure where they inject collagen or your own fat back into the ball of the foot, which would then provide a natural cushioning back into the ball of the foot.

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