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How to Walk like a Model in High Heels

Learn how to walk like a model in high heels from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


So how to walk like a model in your high heel shoes is all about the posture and is a slightly different walk.

So the posture to walk like a model is a little more straight and squared as you walk forward. You have to remember that a model's purpose is to show off her clothes. So there's not lot of movement in turning of the shoulders and the hips. So a little bit more lopped forward, a little bit stiffer posture. Still you're remembering head in line with the spine, shoulders back, stomach in, slight bend in the knees. All of that always stay the same. But you're having, again, a little bit more square angle, imagining as if you're walking straight down and there's a camera in front of you taking some pictures.

The walks that you do as a model are very specific to the runway walks. So again, they're still very confident, you're still striking the ground the same way, but you have these classic walks that models do. Classic walk, if you walk like a model, is one foot directly in front of the other and you're trying to elongate and make your hips stand out a little more. You look taller. You look thinner, and the attention draws to the body in the way that you are walking and the clothes that you are wearing when you have almost a cross-over step as you're walking.

You can do the grunge walk, which is a little more hip action. Still, same walk square upper body. Again moving the hips a little bit. And that is done to a little bit more harder beat. So I tell models that I teach how to walk to again put in the put the music in their ears. They're choosing a more of a hip hop, rap song that has a strong beat and they're trying to match the rhythm of their hips to the beat of the song.

Second walk that you can do to walk like a model is called the Clydesdale. This is like a Clydesdale, as a horse. So you're lifting the knees up, trying to mimic a horse that's walking. A Clydesdale horse that's walking.

Those are two of the most common runway walks if you want to walk like a model.

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