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How to Maintain Your High Heels

Learn how to maintain your high heels from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


Shoes are expensive, or they can be. So maintaining those shoes will allow you to get the most out of that investment. Here's some great tips on how to properly maintain your high heels. A shoe repairman should be your best friend for any stiletto lover. You want to maintain the heel or the stopper on the bottom of that heel. This can be easily replaced in any shoe repair for approximately ten dollars.

You also want to maintain the ball of the shoe by placing an additional grip on top. So you want to maintain the outside of the shoe, especially for the leather materials. You can get a leather protector at many various shoe stores, or from a shoe repair shop.

A final tip from my own experience is that you can place or extend that rubber stopper at the front of the shoe a little bit forward on the front of that shoe, which will prevent wearing down and breaking down the material on the front of that shoe. By following these simple tips your shoes should last longer.

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