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How to Walk in Stilettos

Learn how to walk in stilettos from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


Here's some great tips on how to walk in a stiletto heel. The stiletto heel is probably the most intimidating type of heel. As you walk in the heels, first thing is always remembering the posture. Stiletto posture should be nice and strong. Head is in line with the spine. Shoulders are back. Stomach is strong. Slight bend in the knees.

Once you remember that posture, it's how you actually step in the heel that's important. Because a stiletto heel is tapered as it comes down, there is an increased need for ankle stability and body awareness. As you step in the stiletto heel, try to remember that you're aiming for the ball of the foot. Your heel will strike first, but you're always aiming for the ball of the foot. Your step is still heel-toe, heel-toe, but you're aiming for the ball of the foot.

If you feel unstable or a little wobbly in your stiletto heels, I recommend dropping the heel height, increase the thickness of the heel, and I recommend doing ankle strengthening exercises and balance training. As you start to feel stronger in the ankles and the feet, more stable, then you can start to increase the stiletto height and decrease the width of that heel.

Because the stiletto is the sexiest heel, the stronger and more confident you feel in that heel start to integrate a little bit of fun, sexiness, and personality into your walk.

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