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How to Do an Attack Header in Soccer

Learn some attacking header techniques from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


Attacking headers is when you want to strike across towards the goal with your head.

Here's the progression of exercises for attacking headers. The first exercise, the players are sitting down, they have a self toss and they're going to drive the ball to their partner. In this exercise they want to concentrate on hitting the top half of the ball.

The second exercise, players are on their knees. And they want to, again, hit the top half of the ball and drive the ball to their partner.

The third exercise, the players are standing. Self toss, they drive the ball to their partner, again trying to hit the top half of the ball. The players are to drive the ball downwards and score a point by hitting the ball through their partner's legs.

In the final exercise the player runs towards the goal and meets the toss from eight yards away. They're trying to drive the ball down towards the corners that are marked by the orange cones that are two yards in from the post.

Key factors to attacking header. You want to jump early and hit the ball at its highest point. Use you neck and abdominal muscles to attack the ball with your forehead. Hit the top half of the ball to strike it downwards.

Attacking headers is primary about attitude. The majority of scoring chances come from aerial services. Try and strike the top half of the ball, keep it down.

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