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How to Chest the Ball in Soccer

Learn about chesting the ball (ball control) from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


Chest control is controlling a high ball getting the ball down to the ground as quickly as possible. The first exercise for chest control is one ball and two players. The players are gonna throw the ball into the air to the partner's chest so they can pop the ball up and control the ball with their foot.

Phase two, the partner wants to move towards the ball and after they pop the ball up into their chest they're gonna dribble it out of the box. On the dribble we'd like the first touch off of the chest to be a dribbling motion. Pop and I go up and I go down the dribble. How quickly can you be from receiving the ball to dribbling the ball? Good.

In phase three of chest control we're looking to prepare the ball for a shot. So we approach the cone and we turn our body, we pop the ball towards the path of our shooting foot and we get a strike on the goal. Go. Great. Beautiful. So that's the touch we want. You wanna lean back from the waist. Relax the knees as the ball pops up off of the chest.

A lot of the game is played in the air so these chest control exercises will help you get that ball in the air under control so that you can get on with your dribble or your shot.

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