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How to Do an Extension into a Cradle in Cheerleading

Learn how to do an extension into a cradle from UCA instructor Ashley Cowan of in this Howcast video.


The extension is a timing stunt that involves two bases, a top person, and a back-spot. The lead up skill for this stunt is an extension prep, so make sure that you and your stunt group have mastered that skill before you try an extension. Cheerleading skills including stunts, pyramids, and basket tosses should only be performed under the supervision of a qualified adult and after following the proper skill progressions.

Here are a few tips for the extension to cradle:

Tip 1: Bases should generate power using their legs to drive the top person to the top. When cradling, use your legs and finish the pop through your hands. For the catch, keep your arms up and cushion the landing.

Tip 2: The top person should stand up quickly as the bases stand, and keep their feet shoulder width apart. For the cradle, let your bases pop you, keep your legs straight, and catch high around your base's shoulders.

Tip 3: Back spot should help lift the top person, and continue to support the stunt by reaching as high as they can. For the cradle, pop with the bases, keep your arms up, and catch the top girl under her arms. And that's how you do an extension to cradle.

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