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How to Do a Liberty Stunt in Cheerleading

Learn how to do a liberty stunt from UCA instructor Ashley Cowan of in this Howcast video.


How to do a liberty. This stunt was named after the Statue of Liberty because it was originally performed with a punch motion. The liberty is a stunt that requires two bases, a top person and a back spot. Cheerleading skills including stunts, pyramids and basket tosses should only be performed under the supervision of a qualified adult and after following the proper skill progressions. We also recommend practicing your part on the ground before attempting it.

Here are a few tips when doing the liberty. Bases should generate power using their legs and step together as the stunt goes up. Tip two. Once at the top, the top person should pull their liberty leg. Make sure that your thigh is parallel to the ground. Keep your leg here until you dismount. Tip three. Back spots should start with one hand on the ankle and the other under the hips. They should help by driving through the hips and lifting at the ankle. And that's how you do a liberty.

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