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How to Pick a Cheerleading Camp

Learn how to pick a cheerleading camp from UCA instructor Ashley Cowan of in this Howcast video.


It's best to pick a cheerleading camp based on the needs of your team. Every team is different, and there's a camp out there for everyone. Here are a few examples of the different types of cheerleading camps available.

The first camp type is the overnight camp. This type of camp provides the most comprehensive cheerleading instruction, and also has the best bonding experiences for your team. The next type of camp is the resort camp. The resort camp combines all of the great cheerleading instruction from an overnight camp, with a bit of relaxation, fun, and team bonding experiences at a resort. You can enjoy a beachfront view, a lazy river, a water park, or a blazing campfire.

The next type of camp is the home camp. This type of camp is when a cheerleading instructor comes to your school and you build your schedule based around your needs. It covers all aspects of your cheerleading season, from cheers, sidelines, stunts and jumps. The last type of camp is the day camp or the commuter camp. This type of camp is usually held at a local high school. During the day you'll go to camp with other teams, but at night you'll stay at your own home.

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