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How to Plan a Pep Rally

Learn how to plan a pep rally from UCA instructor Ashley Cowan of in this Howcast video.


Planning a pep rally is so much fun and here are six steps on how to plan for it.

Step one, choose your theme three to eight week prior to the pep rally and start working on the timeline. Step two, start preparing for the big day. Paint banners and work on your performances in skits. Make props, signs and flyers. Step three is coordinate with you assigned DJ or band. Your cheer coach or your captain needs to get together with your band director and figure out if the band is going to be playing music or if you're going to be using a CD. If you're using a CD make sure that you always test it in the sound system prior to the pep rally. Step four is to advertise the pep rally. You can make announcements in your morning news. You can make flyers and hang them up around the school and you should also encourage teachers to write the pep rally date on their white boards.

Step five is to work on the details. The week of the pep rally you wanna hang up banners, decorate the hallways, and decide on your uniform. You also wanna have a dress rehearsal with everyone in the pep rally. Step six is make it happen. On the day of the pep rally you wanna get the gym ready. Roll out the bleachers, check the sound system and get your signs and props ready.

Then have a great pep rally. Afterwards help clean up and make sure that you thank everyone that made it happen. And that's how you plan a peep rally.

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