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How to Use a Router Table for Woodworking

Learn how to use a router table in this Howcast woodworking video featuring Makeville Studio.


In addition to plunge and stationary routers you may want to have a table router set up in your shop. Table router brings a lot more functionality to the router. And all it is though is really just a hand held router mounted upside down in a table. As you can see this is a hand held router here. It's a big one. But it has all the same features that the hand held router has. It has variable speed and an adjustment mechanism for height. And in all ways it operates the same way as a hand held router.

Except when it's in the table, you can take advantage of the fact that there's a fence on the table. So you can use that to feed a work piece into the cutting edge. And you can also take advantage of jigs by having slots in the table. You can make a little cross cut jig for doing cross cut operations on the router. With the router table instead of controlling the router you're controlling the wood and you're just passing the wood through the router. It's much easier especially for small parts. It's really the only way to do that kind of routing.

So on this router you can adjust the height by loosening this lock and simply spinning the housing to expose more or less of the bit. So it's convenient when it's above the table but you can also adjust it from below.

But that's really it. Once you have the router bit in and it's at the right height you simply drop the router back into the table and you're ready to go.

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