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How to Deep Fry Paneer

Learn how to deep fry paneer from cookbook author Maya Kaimal in this Howcast Indian food video.


Okay. Our paneer has had a chance to set up, so it's a nice firm disk as you can see here. You unwrap it, unwrap the cheesecloth. And here is our paneer. Now, it's ready to be cut. And you can see the texture there. It's pretty firm. And depending on how much weight, how much water you put in your pan, you can make it very firm or you can make it a softer curry. I like mine sort of in between.

Now, we're going to cut this into cubes. And these cubes can be used just as they are, put into a curry like a spinach curry for saag paneer or palak paneer. They can also be fried, which is a really nice way to cook them. You deep fry them and they get a kind of a nice golden brown around the edges.

Paneer can keep for about a week in your refrigerator, or you can freeze it and it can keep for a year. So you can see it's really, really simple to make paneer. And it's a delicious ingredient to add to your curries.

Okay, we have our chopped up paneer. An now we're going to fry it in some hot oil. The paneer itself is rather bland tasting, so it's a nicer flavor and nicer texture when it's been fried in oil until it's just a little bit brown around the edges. My oil's about 350 degrees. I'm going to keep the paneer moving so they brown nice and evenly. Okay. Sometimes they clump together a little, that's okay. You just break them apart once they cool down.

Okay. So we're pulling out our paneer. See how those corners get nice, crisp, brown color. Okay.

And now, Paneer in this form is great mixed into different vegetable curries like spinach curry, palak paneer, or peas curry, mutter paneer. And it's a really nice source of protein in a vegetarian diet, but mostly it's just really tasty and really good.

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